Liv Kristine Facebook page

Hello everyone,

since many years I’m the webmaster of Liv Kristine and Alexander Krull and I want to make something very clear to the situation of the current Liv Kristine Facebook page.
Inexplicably the official Liv Kristine Facebook page was no longer accessible since the end of June. At this point of time there were only Liv Kristine and me registered as Site Admins. Since no one from us has confirmed the deleting of the page, I had requested help and a report regarding the disappeared Liv Kristine page from the Facebook support. On 7th of July I received the following information from the support:

” Hello,

Unfortunately we can not confirm that any person who is working on this site, was hacked. Therefore, we can not re-add you as a page administrator. …

Best regards

Sophie | Page operation
Facebook ”

Facebook was not able to relaunch the Liv Kristine website back online. Therefore, we had to set up a new Facebook page. For more information, feel free to research in Google yourself, as it happens that Facebook pages disappear. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon that Facebook doesn’t really care about it.

In fact the Liv Kristine Facebook page was definitely not hacked by anyone.

Best regards