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13 hours ago
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I want you see singer for me (Sharif Dean)...Liv♡♡♡♡♡ I love you, more than words can say I love you, yes I do Do you need me? I need you, like the rose needs water I need you, yes I do The years have grown our love Stronger and stronger The years have grown our love Stronger and stronger Do you love me? So much that I'd hurt myself

'Til my death with your voice...

Great photo Liv!🤘🤘🤘

*The Symphonic Cráted of Mars*'re so so cute...⚘🤗

Beautiful and sweet Liv 💖

Hi good day my bealtiful Friends.

🙈I can't see , too much beauty for my heart 😍


Fantastisk flott, stemningsfullt og vakkert🎻

Supergodt billede. 😊👍🤩

Great ❤


That picture is 🔥

Nice pic




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16 hours ago
Have a lovely Saturday. The album is here! ❤️🎶

My new EP "Have Courage Dear Heart"
LP/CD/ Digital will soon be released via Allegro Talent Media (PlasticHeadDistribution & Media). Here’s everything you need to know:

‼️PRE-SAVE link: March, 07th
‼️ PRE-ORDER link: March 07th

Label contact:
Official Website:
Shop: Coming soon

Official Website:
Shop: Coming soon
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Congratulations dear Liv , that’s some great news we re eagerly waiting 😍😍to your sensational music 🎼 work and Angelique voice

Congratulations Liv Kristine the very best album Excellent🙂🤟🤟

Best female voice ever congratulations from México 🇲🇽

Awesome! I love u. ❤ greetings from Brazil.

Great news, will be ordering vinyl 👍

Congrats! Liv, can't wait to listen this, greetings from Mexico City!!

Can’t wait ❤️

Super 👍😍

Love u ❤️

I love liv 😍

Cannot wait!!!!

Hello gorgeous

Olá 👋Boa tarde

Congratulations for that new álbum, a grear step in your life. U have an angelical voice. I love u. From Quito, Ecuador

we love you so much,thankyou for all the happyness you bring us cant wait to hear the new ep, please come to nyc,have a happy and healthy saturday please stay safe much love❤

Finally I can hear your sweet voice again. I wish you all the best with new album 😘😘😘

Definitely look forward to it, we met about 12 or 13 years ago in Houston Texas when you were on tour with Kamelot when you were with the other band. Been a die hard fan ever since. Met you at MFVF too but you were quite busy. Looking forward to the new stuff, your voice is magical.

Sooo happy!!! And even more proud!!😘💋🌹

So excited, I absolutely love the name of the album, again and again we all face situations in the run of our lives where we need some confidence and courage to go on 🙂😘 Have a sunny weekend, dear Liv!

Liv - you are amazing! You ever were! Looking forward to enjoy your music again. Best wishes from Germany 🙂

Definitely looking forward to album wishing the best for you 😍👍🤘

Good morning Liv, I'm so looking forward to buying this ❤

I'm looking forward to Liv's new album. 😁👍

Hi Liv I am very happy too hear from your new EP. When it is out i am very happy too order it. Greeting chris from Germany 😎🤩🤟🤟🤘🤘😀

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2 days ago
I hope this magical Friday will enlighten your soul and make you smile. Enjoy every moment of today with your beloved ones ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
I hope this magical Friday will enlighten your soul and make you smile. Enjoy every moment of today with your beloved ones ❤️

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Liv 💥🤘 good morning 💥

your dogs are very cute and you are a real queen

Happy Friday! Liv, felling those positive vibes

Nice beautiful look so sweet

》》 Good morning Liv ~ ♡

Happy Friday Liv

Goodmorning 😉,Liv Have a Nice weekend

Thank you Liv, I wish the same for you.

Listening your song whit umbra et imago

Dear Liv, look what i just found today. Photo was taken 06.06.06 @ LKA Stuttgart, after your opening - gig for Apoptygma Berzerk...

Liv Kristine, if only had a loved one to share any day with , not just Friday.

Lovely photo! Pretty dog!! <3

Same to you Liv! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Igual para ti bendiciones para toda la familia y bonito fin de semana🤗🙏

Great Scandinavian Climate! I love it.

Sehr schön


thank you good morning I have free today sun is shining Friday everything fits a day with the other loved ones🥰😊🥰

good afternoon madam liv kristine i wish you and your family a good weekend sending here from Portugal !! 👍👍

Hello Liv, always so sweet, you bring peace of mind to my heart, you always radiate good vibes, I hope one day I can see you here in Buenos Aires, God keep you and bless you always, I carry you in my heart, huge kiss, precious Liv 🎵🎶💞❤😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

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4 days ago
It’s never too late for a coffee. Have a lovely Tuesday ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
It’s never too late for a coffee. Have a lovely Tuesday ❤️

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I love coffee, is elixirs to give me live

Good morning from México City

Que seu dia seja maravilhoso Liv 💥 saudações Brasil 💜

Saludos Querida Liv, en este preciso momento escucho Siren, del álbum Aegis, una Maravilla!! Saludos y un gran abrazo. ♥️

Gracias liv, que tengas un lindo dia💟💟saludos de mexico

Que tal um suco de manga, cravióla, laranja,mangaba, Brasil? Good morning! Love.

И зачем Вы , ИЗУМИТЕЛЬНАЯ, нос свой проткнули???


Que tenga un excelente día, saludos desde México 🇲🇽🤝

So beautiful

Nice pick

Woooow may dear nice pick

Lo estoy tomando justo ahora...Saludos liv lindo dia para ti mi hermosa mujer

Saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco México 🇲🇽🤘




Coffee is life 🖤

It’s never too late for a coffee, better if it’s an Italian espresso of course!! 😊☕🇮🇹😘

My coffee maker broke last week and I had to survive two days without one. Fortunately, this time of terror is over now. 😁

its also never to late to see your sparkleing smile,have a happy and healthy tuesday please stay safe much love❤

Have a safe and pleasant night!!

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7 days ago
Good morning, sunshine or rain. I wish you a lovely and serene Sunday❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
Good morning, sunshine or rain. I wish you a lovely and serene Sunday❤️

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Good evening my dear friend how are you i know you are fine still wanting to know you are really beautiful you are very nice you are very much liked my can i be your friend


In South America this moment we are closing this sunday with natural rain music!!!

Your most welcome in ⛅

You are Verry looking for nice pic

Buen día Liv. Excelente domingo!!

Vhhs in Canada so you know

Mårn mårn Liv, hilsen fra Trøndelag 🇳🇴

Do you find time to read?

Always rain cold winter finaland

Good morning liv¡¡¡💗

Igualmente un grandioso día un saludo del otro lado del mundo

Desperté y tu saludo. Dos benditas cosas

Buenos días liv

Have a nice day hermosa y bella amiga saludos a ti y a tu esposo desde Bolivia

You’re shining, Liv! You’re spreading such a positive energy! Love from Western France !

An excellent day to you and your family, health and may God enlighten you more and more QUEEN LIV 🌼🌷🤗

Good morning 💥 Liv

Good morning. Enjoy your day. Best wishes to magnificent Liv !

thank you for your kindness liv🌹I am mesmerized by your smile🥰

Good morning Liv . Sunny day from México City. Your music make me feel strong and whith energy.!!🖤

Happy Sunday from Michigan!

Good morning from Germany 🌞 :))

Looking gorgeous as always, Liv. Wishing you a lovely day, too

I wish you a nice sunday evening morning monday good start of the week lots of sunshine and a happy new week

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1 week ago
Thankyou to all of you who have reported this fake account. It’s ugly abuse of information. Please keep reporting until it’s deleted. Much love ❤️ Liv ... See MoreSee Less
Thankyou to all of you who have reported this fake account. It’s ugly abuse of information. Please keep reporting until it’s deleted. Much love ❤️ Liv

Comment on Facebook

I reported it. The uploaded picture was very poor and the name in the email address was clearly foreign. Probably trying to make friends to scam people.

Looks so smart energetic juicy lady friend ( very very Powerful Holy True God Jesus always altimes keep you and blessed you with your all family members still Now and Fullfilled with your mind Joy piece and Morale of mind still Now chocolate cake

I can't find it so fingers crossed it's gone or in the process of 🤞 Big hugs ❤️

Luckly, we done everything against that account just in time! Have you a nice week, Liv! 🤘

I can’t find this phony account to report, so I hope Facebook already did something about it? 🙏🏻

I just don’t understand why people are starting to make fake accounts to do this lucky winner stuff

This one is a fake to!

Again another fake account 😞 I never understand why people create that ? To live their idol’s life? For me those people have severed problem... This is so much disrespect for the real artist. Hope that this account will be closed soon!:)

She send me an invitation too, reported and deleted!

It sent messages offering money if it submitted financial information

If only FB made it easier to report stupid stuff like this. 🙁

Oh men! 🙁 So u don't want me for a new metal band called "the darkest adventures of liv"?

Who does such things and why?

Al parecer esa cuenta falsa nos envió solicitud a todos los fans que seguimos a la verdadera Liv, yo también lo reporté.

I got this as a friend request ... reported and deleted

I m have the same request but I have deleted

Utroligt at folk kan finde på sådan noget fis... 🤬🤯

Quero muito ser teu amigo, eu adoro você a tantos anos.. A comunidade italiana no Brasil ama muito você.

when u make a fake profile, and spell the name totaly wrong 😆

Hay muchos perfiles falsos de gente que se hace pasar por algún músico no le acepten porque va poner un enlace en su biografía y es un virus o algo asi

It happens to us all

Con razon se me hacia raro me pedian datos de mi tarjeta de credito..🤣🤣🤣 ..xmedio .de ..menzeger. tenia mis dudas..x que casi no uso ese medio.. Se DEBE SER PRECAVIDO

Reported, and also shared this post in my female metal group Femme Metale, rock on Liv....:)

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