Name: Liv Kristine Espenæs

Date of birth: February 14th

Place of birth: Stavanger, Norwegen

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Height: 1,67 m

Parents: Ove H. Espenæs / Liv E. Davidsen

Siblings: Carmen Elise Espenæs

Maritual status: mother of Leon Alexander
Engaged to Michael Hansen










What inspires you the most when making music?

The aesthetics of music, the beauty of every note and of every musical piece. I’ve felt it since I was a baby. I always aim at the absolute unity, gravity and finding together of tones, words and expression. I want everything to be in a beautiful symbiotic pattern, I want everything to be in its optimal place. It’s a kind of love relationship I have with tones, words, expression and colours. When everything is in its right place I feel it in my heart. I always aim at the highest, truest experience with my songs and with my singing.


When did you start making music?

Thinking and analysing music has been going on since I was two or three years old. My mother used to sing a lot for and with me before going to bed. However, everything I have learned about music is autodidactic which means nearly forty years of self-education. I know nothing about notes, however, I can „feel“ when a note or sung tone or a sung word is in its optimal place or pattern.


Which compositions are your most important ones?

My solo songs „Silence“, „Panic“, „The Rarest Flower“, „Wonders“, „Gravity“, „Skylight“, moreover, „A Distance there Is“ (Theatre of Tragedy) and „Norwegian Lovesong“ and „Nine Wave Maidens“ (Leaves’ Eyes).


What is magic about singing?

I love those magic moments during recording sessions when I’m inside that bubble or energetic bulb of music, colours, and light. Moreover, when I can share that magic experience on stage with my audience. It’s an energetic flow and an exchange of passion, love and light. I have the most passionate and true audience one can dream of. I am still here singing because of you.


What does music and painting mean to you?

To me me music, and also painting, is as its most beautiful state when I feel it in my heart and soul. That’s the point when it really touches my and hopefully also your senses. It’s the moment when you really sense the beauty of it. The aesthetics of music and colours can take you to a higher level of passion. Music and colours have a healing power. So often we find the right expression for our inner state in music. I wish to give you space for this experience. It is my inner call to share all this passion, understanding and beauty with the world through my artistic work.The first thing that comes in my mind is happy. I also think I am a very relaxed and balanced person. I enjoy being a mother and an artist, it’s the perfect combination. But also as a mother there is still stuck the little girl inside me who loves to laugh and to have fun.


Which bands or artists have inspired you the most during your career?

Definitely Black Sabbath, Deep purple and Monserrat Caballe, next to Abba. Later on Madonna, Tori Amos and Kate Bush.


What else inspires you in life?

My beautiful son, my family, my god-children, my very near and true friends, our beautiful home. I love Nature, animals, being in the forest or at the ocean with my dogs. Moreover, working with autistic children and youth with special needs. I’ve been working within this field for about 3 years now and this is also an inner call for me. It even has become my full-time job, next to composing, singing, writing lyrics, singing and playing concerts. I also give singing lessons, yoga lessons, moreover, I give my advice and support to people who have experienced psychological violence like e.g. narcissism. I still have so many goals and dreams which I want to fulfil. When I wake up in the morning next to my beloved fiancé my first thought is „YEAH! Thankyou for all this love, freedom, passion and abundance that we share in this very moment.“